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About Our Minot, ND Dental Office

Quality patient care is about both the effectiveness of the treatments provided and how comfortable a patient is receiving them. By emphasizing the importance of keeping patients relaxed throughout their visit, Drs. David and Megan Olson at Olson Family Dental PLLC maintain a top-notch level of oral health care.

Listening to Our Patients

When someone visits a dentist, one of their top concerns is whether a dentist will listen to their concerns. Many types of dental discomforts, anxieties, and phobias start with a dentist ignoring a patient’s requests during a previous appointment. Sometimes, that miscommunication is a dentist performing procedures without adequately explaining their importance. It can also be a patient experiencing discomfort that is left unaddressed.

Dr. Megan and Dr. David are known for their strong listening skills. In fact, most of our patients compliment them on how they listen and figure out the treatments that best address the health issue at hand.

A Patient, Calming Approach

Dental anxieties come in various levels of severity. Some will require medical assistance to address, but many patients who think they require sedation only need the opportunity to grow comfortable being in a dental chair. We take the time during each appointment to help our patients relax so they can learn to appreciate, and eventually enjoy, keeping their smile healthy.

Gentleness During Procedures

Patient relaxation needs to last beyond the initial greeting and discussion. The teeth and gums of one patient are going to have a different level of sensitivity than those of another. Not considering a patient’s reactions during treatment is as detrimental to the patient experience as not letting them relax at all.

Our dentists’ ability to give patients time to relax and to listen to them also lets them perform procedures gently. Dr. Megan and Dr. David pay attention to all verbal and nonverbal communication our patients provide and adjust their approach. They perform their treatments in such a way that our patients are always comfortable.

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Olson Family Dental PLLC works to make sure every patient is listened to and kept comfortable at every appointment. Our dedication to effective dental services lets us maintain and improve the oral health of families from Minot, Mohall, Garrison, and all other nearby communities. For more information, call and schedule an appointment today!

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