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Esthetic Dental Treatments in Minot

Smiles can be a source of confidence when they look the way you want them to look. Olson Family Dental, PLLC, performs cosmetic dentistry with the assistance of a trusted lab located right here in Minot. If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, Drs. Megan Olson and David Olson can help you.

Cosmetic Restorations

For many patients, their concerns about their smile stem from a concern of how a restoration will look. Dental prosthetics often contain metallic components or some other element causing them to stand out in the smile. Some common examples include:

  • Crowns, which cover the entire visible tooth to make it stronger, are traditionally made of metal. Similarly, fixed bridges often include a visible metal base.
  • Amalgam dental fillings are made of metal as well. One of these, mercury, is a significant concern among many patients.
  • Dentures are made of natural-looking materials, but their habit of sliding out of place betray their artificial nature.

The cosmetic dental treatments offered at Olson Family Dental include restorative dental care that also looks and feels natural. We can make crowns and bridges entirely out of porcelain so that the smile maintains a beautiful appearance. For patients with proper bone volume, dental implants can hold their denture in place, preventing the discomfort of slipping out of place. In addition, all restorations made of esthetic materials are perfectly matched to the shade of your smile. No treatment areas stand out as a result. They all blend in with the rest of your teeth.

Purely Esthetic Options

Alternatively, some patients do not have any health problems. They only want their smile to look good and feel more confident.

The two most common treatments for patients in these situations are teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. Whitening treatments use a lifting agent to remove staining particles from the enamel of the teeth. This procedure can be done in our office or within your at-home daily routine. Veneers conceal the shape of a tooth behind a natural-looking shell. This approach lets you reshape a tooth for a uniform smile and hide any internal stains that whitening treatments cannot lift.

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 Olson Family Dental helps you develop the image of your smile. The people of Minot, Mohall, and Garrison can all receive the beautiful smiles they want by visiting Dr. Megan and Dr. David. For more information about cosmetic dentistry, call and schedule a visit today!


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