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We Offer Endodontic Care in Minot

When a cavity spreads past its outer layers, a tooth can still be saved with an internal treatment. Olson Family Dentistry offers root canal therapy. While select cases may require the care of a specialist, we have helped most people who see us save their teeth from extraction.

Helping You Stay Comfortable

One of the most common myths about root canal therapy is that it is painful. Various media portrayals of the procedure, if not dentistry in general, make it seem like an uncomfortable process. While some patients have had poor experiences that created this fear in them, it is untrue in most cases.

Root canal treatments don’t cause discomfort; they eliminate it.

When tooth decay reaches the inner pulp, the smaller nerves within this layer start to die. As a result, the tooth becomes more sensitive to external stimuli and will eventually start to cause discomfort without cause. If you are tired of toothaches caused by chewing, exposure to hot or cold drinks, or no known reason, root canal therapy could be a way to end your pain.

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

The pulp is unlikely to survive the decay that reaches it, and its death causes the loss of the rest of the tooth. If this situation is left untreated for too long, or treated improperly, the extraction of the tooth would be necessary.

Root canal therapy allows the tooth to survive infection by removing the pulp. The entire inner chamber is cleaned out and sealed with a biocompatible material. Additionally, if the decay and procedure leave too little healthy structure, root canal therapy includes the application of a crown to the tooth. By halting decay and bolstering the tooth’s structure, our dentists help you keep your natural teeth without compromising the health of the greater smile.

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Olson Family Dentistry provides root canal therapy to anyone who needs to improve the health of their smile. Drs. David and Megan Olson offer these services to anyone in Minot, Mohall, Garrison, and all other nearby communities. For more information about our restorative dental services, give our Minot dental office a call.


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